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Free Online Education:
Word & Excel Training   -   Touch Typing   -   Math & Language Games

In this website you can learn and self practice all the basics of Excel.
Choose one of the subjects from above, and a list of relevant videos will appear. It includes many tutorial videos with easy step by step manual instructions.

Free Microsoft Word tutorials, as well as the other subjects, could be found on the left menu.

You will notice that all of the learning materials are freely available online, and the videos are short and very easy to understand, planned especially for beginners.
Though they were recorded in Excel 2007, they are totaly relevant to the 2010 and 2013 versions as well.

For your convenience, the spreadsheets demonstrated in the videos are available for instant download.
This way you can immediately practice what you have just seen and learned.
Just look for the "Try it yourself" link above the video, click it and choose whether to open the spreadsheet inside your browser, or better download it to your computer and then open with Excel.

Who can benefit from these Excel tutorials?

Actually anyone who seeks some quick Excel help can benefit from these short online lessons.

What else is there to find on this website?

Free typing practice - how about improving your keyboarding skills? Do you still type with your index fingers? Then this might be the time to advance one step further: You will find a huge section of typing games, enabling you to practice and improve your typing abilities not with boring passages, but with fun, dynamic and challenging activities.

I've also devoted the last couple of years to thoroughly search and index free learning materials on the web, mainly for elementary school, with a special emphasis on the younger ages (mostly 2nd, 3rd & 4th grades), though middle school materials are also presented. You can therefore find a huge assortment of free online math games, some of which (place value, rounding, skip counting, addition & multiplication) I've programmed by myself.

There are also language arts online activities, including games to practice spelling, many crossword puzzles for kids (originally and unique to this website), and also unique word search puzzles. These activities aim to enhance the child's vocabulary as well as spelling skills.

The learning resources on this website are usually used by teachers to complement the materials taught in class, and by homeschool parents wishing to engage their kids with educational interactive activities.

I hope that you can find benefit from this website, and I hope that I succeed just in a tiny bit to bring my vision of "Free Education For All" into reality.

You can contact me at